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Protection measures for finished products of reinforcement works

Date:2022-02-10 09:41:00

1. The processed finished reinforcement shall be stacked neatly according to specifications and marked. 100 under the reinforcement and the ground × 100 square timber shall be isolated, and the reinforcement surface shall be covered with rain cloth in rainy season.

2. For the binding of wall reinforcement, the operation frame shall be set up first, and it is forbidden to step on the reinforcement for binding.

3. During the binding of floor reinforcement, a temporary walkway shall be set up before people can get on. A horse stool shall be set on the formwork and a springboard shall be laid on it to facilitate personnel walking. Various professional types of work shall be carried out alternately. After the bottom reinforcement is bound, professional types of work shall be arranged for embedding. When binding the iron reinforcement, it shall be carried out from the inside to the back.


4. It is forbidden for any type of work or individual to remove, loosen or weld and cut the bound reinforcement. When welding and cutting is necessary in conflict with the embedding of professional types of work, the construction can be carried out only after taking equal strength reinforcement measures with the consent of the technical director.

5. When pouring concrete, it is strictly prohibited to step on the reinforcement directly, and a temporary walkway for pouring concrete should be set up first.

6. The reinforcement connection joint shall not be bent, smashed or impacted by machinery.

7. In order to ensure that the column and wall joint bars will not shift when pouring floor concrete, the upper part of the joint bar shall be bound with positioning stirrup, and the lower part of the column and wall joint bar, stirrup and plate horizontal bar shall be bound firmly to prevent the displacement of the joint bar. At the same time, during pouring, the outlet shall not directly face the dowel bar.

8. Before the concrete pouring process, the column and wall reinforcement within 500 above the pouring surface elevatio